His inspiration, he said is from nobody but nature and what he sees and feel in his daily activities…

Paulino YQ is totally committed to  Music with a strong influence of afro beat and it is his toasting style in the music Scene in Africa that saw him become known as The Dancehall Emperor. “Dancehall Emperor “was a single track which he did in 1997. Along hits such as “Tic-Tac and Hail Rasta man”, “Rejected and Hold” and, “Buttshegone (Butt she’s gone)”. His happiest moment of his career was in 1992 when he recorded his first ever track ‘Work Together’ with Salvatore Caputo in Lugarno Switzerland.  It was his first time to be in the studio and sang to the microphone. He followed this work up in 1994 when he recorded more songs including “Tea without Sugar”. However, none of this material has ever been released not until recently.

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